Operate Autonomous Systems Further and Longer Than Ever Before

Uncrewed system feature-sets designed for enterprise scale complex missions beyond line of sight


Powerful features for operating uncrewed aircraft in challenging environments beyond visual line of sight

Terrain Awareness

Track the ground surface at low altitudes.

Long Range

Stay connected to multiple vehicles far away even in complex terrain. Fly for multiple hours on hybrid power.

Under 55 lbs

Keep the drones lightweight, rapidly deployable, and low cost.

Government Compliance

Operate beyond visual line of sight over very large distances.

All Weather

Our equipment set is designed for remote operations in harsh weather conditions.

GPS Denied

 GPS comes and goes, but our operations do not.


Optimized systems for wide-area aerial geospatial data collects

Our feature set has been proven in the harsh northern environments of North America. We can fly further, longer and in more diverse environments compared to other systems.


Radio link range


Largest continuous survey block to date


Flight endurance


Flight testing

Unmatched Scale and Range

Our drone systems can outperform manned helicopters in both production and resolution for most high resolution geodata collection missions. 

Backed by

An exceptional network of partners

We work with experts across a wide range of sectors including defense, agriculture, AI, mining and drone manufacturing.


Built by pilots, deployed by pilots

Our team are experts in both manned and unmanned aircraft systems and have extensive experience with long range remote data acquisition missions.


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