Who We Are

We bring together a team of diverse talents that are driven towards designing and deploying the most highly capable autonomous data collection systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engineer and deploy uncrewed systems capable of outperforming manned aircraft for data collection missions.

Our Role

We are engineers, pilots, veterans, data specialists, and drone experts working to design and deploy uncrewed systems to realize the full potential of new autonomous systems.

Our Values

We are honest about the capabilities of autonomous systems. We aim to design a system that beats aircraft with people inside of them in both cost and utility while also reducing risk for all stakeholders.


Radio link range


Largest continuous survey block to date


Flight endurance


Flight testing

We are geospatial data specialists passionate about reducing data collection costs

Our team is uniquely qualified to build drone mapping systems for large data collection missions. Aerial magnetometry is our bread and butter, but our systems can accommodate any sensor or payload under 10lbs including Lidar, VLF, Gamma Spec, Optics, Comms and Radar systems.

If you want high resolution aerial magnetometer data over a large area, we are the best option on the market, and we are constantly expanding our efficiency and coverage capabilities.