OI Launches New Magplane

OI Launches New Magplane

Overhead Intel has been working for years to build and deploy a drone magnetometry solution that can meet or exceed the production of manned aircraft. Drones have been hyped as an affordable and high resolution aerial data collection solution, but still in 2023, most drones are too slow and short range to cover the areas demanded by customers. Drone magnetometer surveys are typically limited to small areas less than 1000 acres (4 sqkm) and drone services will often come at a price premium on a per acre basis. 

Overhead Intel’s new MagPlane sets a new standard for aerial data collection using drones. The new MagPlane conducts magnetic field mapping missions at a rate that can easily exceed the production of a manned helicopter. The new drones are not only more productive but provide mag data buyers with a more cost effective and fuel efficient alternative to helicopters.

Airborne magnetics are used mostly for geological surveys and mineral exploration, but recently, oil operators are deploying the technology to find abandoned oil wells with insufficient documentation. The USGS has also recently launched its Earth MRI program which aims to conduct wide area magnetometry missions to generate critical mineral exploration targets across the US. 

For more information about the magnetometer visit our dedicated page on the product: https://www.overheadintel.com/product/magplane