OI Wins Massive BVLOS Waiver In Texas For Oil Well Identification Survey

OI Wins Massive BVLOS Waiver In Texas For Oil Well Identification Survey

Overhead Intelligence has recently been awarded its largest FAA BVLOS waiver approval to date for an oil well identification survey in Texas using its newest MagPlane. This waiver marks the second successful FAA BVLOS approval and the 7th approval overall including numerous successful SFOC applications to Transport Canada. The company has had a 100% success rate on BVLOS waivers. 

The Texas waiver covers a 124,000 acre (500km2) area in the eastern part of the state and marks a significant milestone for orphaned well finding capabilities. Overhead Intel’s new MagPlane can cover over 5000 acres (22km2) per day and can detect some metallic anomalies the size of a fence post. 

Airborne magnetics are used mostly for geological surveys and mineral exploration, but recently, oil operators are deploying the technology to find old oil wells with insufficient documentation. Old wells can be a problem. The 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed $4.7 billion in funding from the US government to cap and reclaim orphaned wells that may cause environmental problems. 

Overhead Intel has years of experience operating drone magnetometry missions. Drone mag technology has not always been stable or easy to use but in the past 6 months the OI team has overcome some major platform and sensing challenges that have enabled drone mag capabilities that can exceed those of manned aircraft. The new MagPlane platform is a truly revolutionary system. Adding BVLOS capabilities makes the system an even more powerful alternative to manned aircraft mag surveys.

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