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Flight Risk Assessment Tool (Coming Soon)

Calculates both air risk and ground risk for flying drones

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Splits areas into 9th resolution Uber h3 hexes
Upload a KML file to easily select all hexes
Draw a shape to select the hexes
Includes a cost calculator, to let you know how much it will cost

   Overhead Intelligence offers the Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT), an essential tool for the FAA waiver writing process. This advanced flight risk software enables UAS operators to accurately assess ground population density and historic air traffic, crucial for BVLOS, OOP, and other Part 107 waivers. With precise data on ground and air risk, the FRAT calculates the Self Assurance and Integrity Levels (SAIL) Score, streamlining the safety case argument. This automation of risk assessment based on measured data saves time and effort, ensuring compliant and efficient operations. Trust Overhead Intelligence's FRAT tool to identify Ground & Air Risk for successful CFR 14 Part 107 BVLOS flights.

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