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MagPlane V1 (Available Now)

The Ultimate VTOL Magnetometer Plane

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Low Cost VTOL Airframe
Boom-Mounted High Frequency Magnetometer
280 Line km Per Day (Avg. Daily Production)
Less Than 0.5nT of System Noise

  Introducing MagPlane, the cutting-edge VTOL aircraft designed to elevate magnetometer mapping with efficiency and precision. Equipped with the advanced terrain following system, Nitro, MagPlane navigates challenging terrain while collecting accurate magnetic field data. Its integrated logger provides real-time sensor feedback, optimizing mapping operations. With flight speeds of up to 21 m/s, MagPlane covers large areas without compromising data quality. The long-range multi-node radio system enables seamless collaboration and efficient mapping. Experience the future of magnetometer mapping with MagPlane's speed, precision, and versatility. Contact us for more information.

MagPlane Overview.pdf
Specifications coming soon
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