Industrial Autonomous Systems That Are Good At Doing Boring Work 

Our drone mapping platforms fly for a very long time and require very little human input after launch. Our systems are best suited for persistent ISR and large scale mapping missions in complex terrain and weather.

Open Source

Our technology is built to work with open source Ardupilot and PX4 based autopilots.

Terrain Agnostic Radios

Our radios allow us to maintain BVLOS and over- the-horizon connection to multiple vehicles from far away even in complex terrain.

Hybrid Power

Our partners have built a multi-fuel capable electric source for persistent operations.

Onboard Radar/Lidar/Optics

Our vehicles have eyesight that lets our vehicles know their motion without a GPS signal and track terrain in all weather conditions at all hours of the day. 

Built Tough

Our equipment set is designed for remote, 24/7 heli-supported operations in harsh weather conditions.

Built Smart

Our vehicles have onboard computational capacity to enhance autonomy and capabilities.

Welcome to Overhead Intelligence

Building an architecture for long range autonomous vehicle operations

Autonomous systems require the integration of a wide array of technologies and sensors. We put it all together to make drones that are changing the aerial data industry.


Drones that perform large scale jobs better and cheaper than manned aircraft

Manned aircraft are still the choice tool for many airborne jobs. Our drones are designed to run ISR and mapping missions more efficiently than their manned counterparts.


Built by pilots, deployed by pilots

Our team are experts in both manned and unmanned aircraft systems and have extensive experience with long range remote data acquisition missions.